Securing your domain with an SSL certificate

HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is a security protocol that helps to keep your site secure and displays the url (https:// ) . This is done by the issuance of a SSL certificate.

If you have a Webready domain or subdomain, the SSL is included; however, if you have a custom domain or you are purchasing a domain through Webready, you will need a SSL certificate.

Getting one is easy with Webready!

You can simply go to the Domains page, locate the domain and use the Request SSL Certificate option and the SSL Certificate will be issued through Webready.

There is also a “Custom SSL Certificate” option if you will like to use a different SSL provider.

Note: Free Webready domains already include SSL
Important: To successfully add the SSL Certificate to your custom domain, you must follow the instructions to complete the DNS setup.

Request SSL Certificate:

Custom SSL Certificate:

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