Connecting Your Own Domain Name

You can choose to connect your own domain if you will prefer to create a unique web address or already have a domain.

If you are on the Free plan and wish to connect your own domain name, you must first upgrade your site by purchasing a plan.

To connect your existing domain:

  • Go to the Domains page

  • Click on the Actions button then Add Domain

  • Click on Custom Domain

  • Enter the domain name
  • Click on the “these instructions” link which will open up an article with the remaining steps to complete the DNS set up.

  • Click Save
Important: Once you have created a domain name on the Domains page, you cannot edit the spelling. If you made a mistake when entering the domain name, you will need to remove it then add the correct name.
Tip: Learn more about the benefits of using a personalized domain name

Securing your custom domain name

You will need to secure your custom domain with a SSL certificate which can easily be done in Webready.

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