About Domains

A domain name is the unique, virtual address of your website that site visitors type in the browser URL bar to view your website e.g. www.christinesrental.com

Subdomains can be created from your domain name, such as blog.christinesrental.com. Mailboxes such as info@christinesrental.com can also be created.

A domain is made up of:

  • A name (e.g. christinesrental)
  • An extension or suffix (e.g .com)

After creating a website in Webready, you can choose to add a free Webready domain that allows you to enter a subdomain and select one of our free domain suffixes. The format of the free Webready site URL is subdomain.domain suffix. E.g  christinesrental.usewebready.com.

If you would rather have your own domain such as www.christinesrental.com, then you can choose to add a Custom Domain option instead. One of the benefits of having your own domain is that your SEO results are improved, so you get better placement in search engine results.

If you are on the Free plan and wish to connect your own domain name, you must first upgrade your site by purchasing a plan.

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