How do I add a telephone number to my forms and booking page?

On your website forms, you may want to have control of whether a phone number is shown or if it is a required field. Phone number settings are now available for your contact forms, inquiry forms, and your booking forms. You may also add validation to the phone number field and choose if a country code is required, along with how this value will be populated.

This article will show you how to locate the phone number settings and explain the different options available.

Accessing the Phone Number Settings:

First, we'll take a look at where you can find the settings to adjust your telephone number options for your contact form, inquiry form, and booking info form.

Contact Form:

To adjust your contact form, you will have to navigate to the Contact page in the Editor then go to the Settings icon.

Note:  By default, this field will be hidden - you can make this field visible from the contact form settings.
Inquiry Form:

For websites that are taking inquiries instead of bookings, you will need to adjust the Inquiry form settings.

This can be accessed in the Editor by clicking on any button that pops up the inquiry form. This may be a button with default captions such as 'Search', 'Check Availability', 'Book' etc.

Tip: While in Edit mode, clicking on the button text will allow you to edit the text, but clicking around the text, on the background, will open the inquiry form, where you'll be able to view the settings.

In Preview mode, you can click on any part of the button to open the inquiry form, then switch to Edit mode to see the settings.

Booking Form:

To adjust your booking form, you will have to navigate to the Booking page in the Editor, then go to the Booking Form Settings.

To get direct bookings for your Webready website and have access to the Booking page, you must first subscribe to the Booking Engine app from the App Store.

  • Select the Booking page
  • Hover over the Booking Form area and click the Settings option

  • In the Settings pop-up, you will see various tabs available. The telephone number options will be available on the Layout tab of the Booking Form settings.
  • Scroll down to the Phone Number section

Adjusting the Phone Number options:

Note: Some options are only available for particular types of forms.

Phone Number Field

This allows you to choose either Visible or Hidden, to decide whether you will like the phone number field to be displayed.

Require Phone Number

With this option, you can specify if the phone number is a mandatory or optional field by choosing Disable or Enable.

Country Code

The Country Code options are as listed below:

  • Disable
  • No Default Country
  • Default to Rental Country
  • Default to Website Country
  • Auto Detect Guest Country - Using Guest IP Info Lookup


The Disable option allows guests to enter a telephone number without a country code.

No Default Country

With the No Default Country option, when the guest clicks into the phone number field, a pop up with a search bar will be available allowing the guest to find and select their country code.

Phone number field showing the selected country:

Default to Rental Country

With the Default to Rental Country option, the country code from the rental will automatically be filled into the telephone field.

Rental country:

Country code automatically entered for the telephone field based on the rental country:

Default to Website Country

With the Default to Website Country option, the country code that is saved for the website will automatically be filled into the telephone field.

To view the Country for the website, navigate to your Website dashboard in Webready, click on the Settings tab then the General Information tab.

Website country:

Country code automatically entered for the telephone field based on the website country:

Auto Detect Guest Country - Using Guest IP Info Lookup

The Auto Detect Guest Country - Using Guest IP Info Lookup option will automatically fill in the country code based on the guest's IP information.

Validate Phone Number
Note: If "Disabled" is chosen for the Country Code, then the Validate Phone Number options will not be available.

The Validate Phone Number can either be enabled or disabled. Enabling it will allow the phone number entered to be validated. If there is an issue with the value entered, the guest will be prompted to correct it.

When enabled and there's an issue, the error will be seen like this:

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