Webready Translator Overview

Provide your website to potential guest in different languages with the Webready Translator feature.

The Website Translator is available for trial access until 31 May, 2022.

Once the trial ends, if multi-language is still enabled on your published website, we will auto subscribe the website to the Website Translator add-on.

If you want to avoid auto subscribing, please turn off multi-language on your published website before the trial end date.

The Webready Translator app consists of 3 areas - Languages, Translations and Formats.

To access this feature, open the Webready Editor then scroll to the Language Settings icon:

  • Languages is where you can enable multi-language on the website, add your languages and their flags, as well as to allow the visitor language to be detected. For more information, please view this article.
  • Translations allows you to select each additional language and enter the equivalent text in that language to replace the main language values. The areas that you will be able to change your main language values are:
    > Website Information
    > Rental Information
    > Rental Amenities
    > Taxes and Fees
    > Form Validations
    > Site Menu
    Click here for more information on the Translations section.
  • Formats lets you select each language and select which day your calendar week should begin - you can either choose Sunday or Monday. For more on Formats, please see this article.

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