Airbnb Connector Overview

Webready provides Airbnb property managers & owners with the most sophisticated VRM tools available. Accept online bookings on your website for your Airbnb listings, without having to worry about booking fees and even offer discount fees to encourage direct bookings.

For steps to connect to Airbnb, view this article.

What makes a great Airbnb manager?

You might get a different answer from everyone you ask, but at Webready we believe flexibility is imperative.

When we say flexibility, we mean our software can do it all. If you need to manage your Airbnb properties and multiple staff members that need to be in the loop, Webready allows you to set automated alerts and create user accounts with varied permissions.

While Webready provides a range of powerful base features, you have the option of using a number of innovative add-on apps to extend your capabilities. This includes contract generation, enhanced communication automation, automated rate calculation, and more.

Advanced features and Powerful add-ons

Automated communications, personalized rental contracts, staff accounts, dynamic rate management...the list goes on. Webready is second to none when it comes to providing you with the tools needed to stay ten steps ahead of your competitors. You'll save time, effort, and money!

Webready is already a cut above the rest, but when our users find the need to maximize their capabilities in a particular area, our add-on apps are more than sufficient. Want to have all of your nightly rates calculated and pushed to your listings without lifting a finger? Rategenie can do that for you. Want to automate guest communications and staff alerts for inquiries, the entire booking process, contracts, payments, and follow-up marketing campaigns? Automata has you covered. We have a powerful tool to handle any and every aspect of your management workflow with ease.

View here for steps on how to connect to Airbnb.

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